Reed Diffuser with Fragrance ‘Sex on the Beach Cocktail’

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Why not give yourself a treat or give someone special this ‘Reed Stick Diffuser’ with Fragrance ‘Sex on the Beach cocktail’ set.
This set comes with the diffuser glass jar filled with Fragrance & a polished silver bung. 8 x 100% Reed sticks. All packaged in a Gift box.

Fragrance Oil: Sex on the Beach cocktail : Based on the drink. Blends of sweet fruit, mandarin, peach, apricot & cranberry.

Glass Jar Design: Square / Diamond.
Jar Overall Height: 10cm
Width: 5cm square
Volume: 100ml

Reed colour: Natural.

First use, saturate both ends of the reeds in diffuser oil. Simply insert the reeds into the oil then turn them over. Repeat weekly to enhance the scent throw. if the scent is too strong, remove one or two reeds.

Keep out of reach of Children

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SKU: d12