Soy Wax Candle. Fragrance ‘Cocktail: Sex on the Beach ’

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Why not give yourself a treat or give someone special this ‘Soy Wax Candle’ in this beautiful ‘Paua like mirror’ Mosaics Jar with the Fragrance ‘Sex on the Beach Cocktail.’

Fragrance Oil: ‘Cocktail’: Sex on the Beach  : Based on the drink. Blends of sweet fruit, mandarin, peach, apricot & cranberry.

Melt & pour Soy Wax with candle dye.

Wick ‘self trim’s’ by bending at the tip while burning

Wick is natural & Zinc & Lead free.

All candles come with a user warning label.

Size: small. Height: 6cm & Maximum Outside Diameter: 8cm

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