Lavender & Kawakawa ‘Tub Salts’


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Lavender & Kawakawa ‘Tub Salts’ are just what you just need after a long hard day.

Oils/Fragrance: Lavender Fragrance & Kawakawa Oil.

Tub Salts come in a Black *Compostable zip lock stand-up pouch*

‘Tub Salts’ Ingredients: Deep Sea Salt, N.Z Sea Salt & Himalayan Salt. Lavender Fragrance, Kawakawa Oil & Dried Lavender.

Weight: 200grams

Depending on your water size in your Bath/Tub, I added two tablespoons of salts to my Bath/Tub,

Relax & Enjoy & Soak to your hearts content.

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SKU: s26