‘English Garden’ Remembrance Candle

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When words aren’t just enough, this ‘English Garden’ Remembrance ‘Coconut Wax’ Candle is an ideal Gift to give. It also comes with a Gold Colour lid & a gift box.

English Garden fragrance is the floral smell of an English Garden, lily, lilac, rose & hyacinth.

Note: The Candle is plain Chrome with no patterns/colours, it’s just a reflection that is shown in the photos.

Coconut wax doesn’t have that smooth appearance like other wax’s, it has that Rustic appearance. Coconut wax is non toxic & burns cleaner than other types of candle wax. Coconut wax does not add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe.

Melt & pour Coconut Wax.

Wick ‘self trim’s’ by bending at the tip while burning.

Wick is natural & Zinc & Lead free.

All candles come with a user warning label.

Candle Size: Large

Candle Glass  Colour: Chrome

Size: outside diameter: 9cm, height overall: 10cm

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SKU: c123