‘Dog’ Shampoo Bar

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For bath time occasions, a dog-friendly Soap bar. Good for Fleas, Insects, smelly coats or just pets coated in mud or in fact anything unmentionable!! Made with Neem & Olive oil – for a natural shiny & healthy coat. Safe & Gentle for animals & humans, eco-friendly & biodegradable.  Pure essential oils of Teatree, Lavender, Citronella.

To use: Forget messing with a bottle. Simply wet dog & rub bar into fur. Work up a luxurious lather & rinse. Keep out of eyes.
Wet coat, then rub the bar into the coat to create a sumptuous lather, rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel.

‘Dog’ Shampoo Bar

Weight: 120g

Made in New Zealand.

Vegan Product

No Petroleum Parabens SLS.

Brand New