‘ Cloche’ ‘Chrome Plated’ Candle Jar with Fragrance: ‘Fresh Pine’

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This ‘Cloche’ Chrome Plated’ (Soy Wax) Candle Jar will dazzle up any home / business / boutique. The classy glass dome protects it from dust & holds in the fragrance & will also assist in extinguishing your candle safely. The candle has protected wrapping around it & comes in a Brown Kraft Box. (As shown in the photos.)

This Candle is ideal to give as a Gift to anyone.

Fragrance Oil: Fresh Pine: Pine Christmas Tree. With amber, sandalwood, oakmoss with wildflowers.

Melt & pour Soy Wax.

Wick ‘self trim’s’ by bending at the tip while burning.
Wick is natural & Zinc & Lead free.

All candles come with a user warning label.

Size: outside diameter: 6cm, height overall: 13cm

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SKU: c71