‘Carnation’ Diffuser Gift Set with Fragrance ‘Monkey Farts’


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Why not give yourself a treat or give someone special this beautiful ‘Carnation’ Diffuser Gift set.

This set comes with a white ‘Carnation’ flower diffuser, white ceramic vase, a black dropper & bottle filled with ‘Monkey Farts’ Fragrance.

80mls Fragrance Oil: Fragrance Oil: Monkey Farts : Tropical blend of berries, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, mandarin, & vanilla.

Fill the vase with fragrant, insert the string of the diffuser flower into the vase & sit the flower on top. After a few hours the flower will become saturated with fragrant oil and begin scenting the room.

Note: When pouring from the bottle into the Ceramic vase, please be careful as the oil will damage varnished, painted, vinyl, and delicate surfaces. Do not to allow the oil to come into contact with these surfaces. As a precaution, consider placing a saucer or similar tray under your flower vase.

Overall Packaged Height: 12cm & Width 12cm Square.

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SKU d19