‘Black Raspberry & Vanilla’ Vintage Candle

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This ‘Black Raspberry & Vanilla’ Scent is Tarty, Punchy, Blackberrie, Sweet Raspberries with a Vanilla Bean, Tonka Bean & a hint of Red Currant Scent in a creamy Soy Wax, in a High End  ‘Vintage Glass Jar.’ It’s Elegant & Classy in every way, so put that ‘Dazzle’ back into your life & spoil yourself. This also makes a superb Gift too.

The ‘Black Raspberry & Vanilla’ Vintage Candle comes enclosed in a Box, shown in the photo’s.

Candle Glass Colour is: Blue.

The Candle Wax is a ‘Soy’ Wax.

This Candle Jar is a ‘Vintage Glass Jar’ It has a water soluble paint finish on it. (It’s more prone to scratching)

Candle Jar size is 7cm x 7cm

Note: The wine vase shown in the photo’s is for ‘show only’.  It’s to give you a guide of how big the Vintage Candle is (It’s not for sale)

Hand poured & made in Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

All Candles from Funky Trove Boutique come with a ‘Warning Label’

Tips for using your Candle: Candles should be put on a Candle plate, not placed on/near burnable/flammable materials & not near drafts/moving air. Do not burn any candle right to the bottom, as this may cause burn marks where it’s placed & inside your Jar. Never use water to extinguish a candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

SKU c136